About returns and cancellations

-Customers using this WEB STORE are not allowed to change the product, size, delivery address, or cancel the order once it has been placed and confirmed. Please carefully check the confirmation screen before completing your order to avoid any mistakes.
・Please note that if you are absent for a long period of time or refuse to receive the item after your order has been confirmed and shipped, we may refuse to place your order again or reship the item.
・If you refuse to receive a shipped product or have it returned due to long-term absence, you may be charged for round-trip shipping.
・After receiving the product, we cannot accept exchanges, cancellations, or returns due to the customer's reasons, such as trying on the product or visually inspecting the product, the image may differ, or it does not suit the customer's mood. Please carefully consider the color, size, pattern, etc. before placing your order. Please contact our staff if you have any questions or concerns.
- Depending on your PC environment, especially your monitor, there may be slight differences in color and appearance. Please be aware that any differences in color or texture that may occur in this case may be caused by the customer, so please be aware of this before using the product.

[Regarding cooling off]
Cooling-off applies when a customer enters into a contract unexpectedly or by mistake, such as door-to-door sales or catch sales. Cooling-off periods do not apply to online sales, as the purchase process is based on the customer's wishes.

[About defective products] ]
Before shipping, our WEB staff will perform a detailed inspection. If there is a defective part and the product is out of stock, we will promptly contact the customer who purchased the product. In the unlikely event that a defective part is found after the item arrives, we apologize for the inconvenience, but please contact the store directly. Our staff will respond promptly. Please note that if you return the item before contacting us, we may not be able to receive it.

If the product is found to be defective or defective after we receive it, we will bear all shipping costs.

In addition, we cannot accept returns or exchanges in the following cases. Please check the product immediately upon arrival.

1) Items that have arrived or been received for more than 8 days (Please check the contents immediately after receiving the item)
2) If the item has been used, worn, altered, washed, or cleaned
3) Products whose invoices, original product tags, labels, etc. that are enclosed when shipped from our company are torn off or lost.
4) If the item has a strong odor, is dirty, or has scratches (due to some reason, including trying it on or wearing it) at the customer's location, and is significantly different from the condition when shipped.
5) If the condition of the product (including box and accessories) when you return it to us is significantly different from when it was delivered. This includes damage to the box and loss or damage to accessories.
6) Products that have been opened from pre-sealed packages (CDs, magazines, etc. where the packaging is part of the product)
7) Hygiene products such as underwear, swimwear, cosmetics, and perfumes
8) Products that are not eligible for return or exchange as specified by our company, such as reserved products.

[If you receive a product different from what you ordered] ]
We take the utmost care when shipping and deliver ordered products to customers, but in the unlikely event that there is a discrepancy in the order details, we apologize for the inconvenience, but please contact our store staff within 8 days of receiving the product. Please contact us. Our staff will promptly confirm your order and arrange for an exchange. We will bear all shipping charges etc. that occur in that case. However, if the returned product is significantly different from the condition it was in when we shipped it (washed, altered, damaged, etc.), we unfortunately cannot accept returns or exchanges.

・Please be sure to try on shoes indoors. Try-on items outdoors are not eligible for returns or exchanges under any circumstances.
・When trying on the product, please be careful not to get any odors (including perfume, cosmetics, or tobacco) or dirt on the product.
- Ready-made packages such as shoe boxes and watch cases are also part of the product. If the package is returned with a shipping slip or packing tape attached directly to it, it will be considered a product defect caused by the customer, and we will not be able to accept any returns or exchanges.
*If the product is defective, we will exchange it for the same product if it is in stock. If we do not have stock that can be exchanged, we will issue a refund.
-Customers are responsible for shipping costs for returns and exchanges, unless the delivered product is due to a defect on our part.

[Notes regarding refunds] ]
・Refunds will be made within 3 business days after we receive the account details from the customer. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please note that we may not be able to deposit money on the same day or on the customer's desired date.
-When we do overseas buying several times a year, we may not be able to process refunds for about 7 to 14 days. Please note that in that case, our staff will inform you of this.
・If you paid by credit card, you will need to cancel the credit card payment. Refunds may be carried over to the following month in the event that a return is made after the credit card company's closing date, which varies depending on the card company and customer's contract details. We are unable to investigate the details of your credit card contract, so please contact your credit card company directly for details.

[Notes on the sales page] ]
All items sold at our store are new and unused. Among them, there are many items that have a distressed look due to processing methods and brand intentions, as well as differences in dyeing and processing. We will assume that you understand them when making a purchase decision. Please note that we cannot accept requests for returns or exchanges due to the image of the above product being different.

[About products with warranty and repairs] ]
If you purchase a product with a warranty attached, it will be included when the product is shipped.
The delivery note serves as proof of the seller and date of purchase.
Please keep the delivery note together with the warranty card.
If the warranty card is lost, we cannot reissue it.
For repairs, please inform our store staff of the malfunction or damaged part. Regarding paid and free products, we will provide you with an estimate upon consultation and upon receipt of the product. (Please note that there may be cases where the item cannot be repaired.)
The customer is responsible for the round-trip shipping costs associated with the repair request.

Return period

If there is a defect or problem with the product, we will promptly take action.
Please contact us immediately after receiving the product.
Please note that we cannot accept returns due to customer convenience.

Return shipping fee

If the product falls under the category of defective product, we will bear the cost.
Please contact us as soon as possible to confirm.
We will respond as soon as possible.