Sales company

JB Voice Co., Ltd.

Chief operations officer

Kentaro Higuchi

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1-19 Tamamiyacho, Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture

Explanation of charges other than product price

In addition to the sales price, a shipping fee of 630 yen and a cash on delivery fee will be charged depending on the payment amount.
For customers who purchase products over 10,000 yen excluding tax,
Shipping will be free of charge.

Sales quantity

Please check each product page.

Delivery time

We will complete the shipping procedure for the product by the next day or two after your order is completed.

If you have a desired date, time, etc.
Please select from the purchase confirmation screen.

Payment deadline

As a general rule, we only accept credit card payments or cash on delivery transactions.
Please receive cash on delivery within one week after shipping.

We will not accept cancellations or refusals to accept orders after they have been placed.
note that.

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