DESCENDANT × Gloverall 12月8日(金)発売

DESCENDANT × Gloverall Released on Friday, December 8th

DESCENDANT × at JACK in the NET WEB STORE at 12:00 on Friday, December 8th Gloverall

"MONTY WOOL COAT" is now on sale.

Gloverall Founded in the UK in 1951 Top brand of duffel coats.
By making full use of the highest class materials and the skills of British craftsmen, the company succeeded in elevating the duffel coat, which at the time was seen only as cold weather clothing, as a fashion item and gaining worldwide support. Even now, more than 60 years after its establishment, the company continues to make products with sincerity.

This time Based on Gloverall's classic "Monty Duffle Coat"
This is an overcoat custom made by DESCENDANT.

Heavy wool melton with wooden toggles and twine loops.
It has straps to prevent the hem from jumping up, and dot buttons to adjust the size of the hood and cuffs.

The cotton and linen lining has a large print of a whale peeking out of the sea (Spy Hop).
The back of the body has a triangular flag patch with the initials of both brands applied to a recycled sail (sail attached to a ship) with zigzag stitching.
Additionally, a swing tag also made from recycled sails is included.

Model wearing: Height 180cm
Wearing size: 3

Available in 2 colors: BEIGE and BLACK.

DESCENDANT× Gloverall / MONTY WOOL COAT It will be posted on JACK in the NET WEB STORE at 12:00 on Friday, December 8th.

On the same day, we will be selling it at JACK in the BOX , SP. Please come and visit us.